Gas Fitter Sunshine Coast

Do you need a gas fitter for gas installation on Sunshine Coast?

Flare Gas Plumbing is your one-stop-shop for all your gas plumbing questions and services in Sunshine Coast. Our team of qualified gas installation technicians and experts can handle all types of projects.

  • 24/7 Service
  • Quick response times
  • Local gas fitters available for you
  • Competitive pricing

Gas is an extremely economical and efficient fuel source. Canstar Blue, a respected Australian rating and comparison agency, estimates that gas is on average 35-45% cheaper than electricity. 

gas fitter sunshine coast

This means that using gas for heating or cooking on the Sunshine Coast is a fantastic way to lessen your environmental impact and save money on bills.
A word of warning. Gas can be hazardous if not handled by an experienced gas installer. If you need gas connections or repairs, you should always have it done by a professional.
Flare Gas Plumbing are qualified gas fitters and plumbers. We have the necessary safety equipment, testing equipment, and expertise to make sure your home or business remains safe.

What to do in case of a gas leak emergency?

Please contact Flare Gas Plumbing immediately for advice if you have a gas leak on the Sunshine Coast or can smell gas.
In the event of a gas leak, it is important to do the following:

  • Make sure everyone and pets are evacuated from the home immediately.
  • DO NOT turn lights on or off and do not use a torch or flashlight to find the leak. This can cause sparking
  • Leave doors and windows open and immediately call us at Flare Gas Plumbing OUTSIDE the home!
  • DO NOT make ANY phone calls from inside the house as this may ignite the gas.
commercial gas fitters

Sunshine Coast Gas Installer Services

Our gas fitters on the Sunshine Coast are fully qualified for gas installation work. We ensure that our work meets the strict and rigorous standards and codes of conduct set by the Queensland government and local council.
We provide comprehensive gas piping services in Sunshine Coast and we do residential and commercial gas installation and maintenance

  • Installation of gas appliances including gas BBQ’s
  • Maintenance of gas pipelines
  • Gas line repair
  • Gas leak detection
  • Backflow preventer testing and maintenance
  • New piping and installation
  • Repair and maintenance of hot water services
  • Maintenance of solar hot water systems

Licensed gas fitters and plumbers on the Sunshine Coast

Installing a new gas line is a specialised task that should only be entrusted to professional gas plumbers who offer the best gas installation services on the
Sunshine Coast.
Flare Gas Plumbing Sunshine Coast has been owned and operated by Russell Brennan for 15 years.
Based in Pomona, we provide licensed, fully qualified plumbing and gas installation services throughout the Sunshine Coast region.
We provide general plumbing, gas and solar hot water installations, and commercial and residential installations.

gas fitter Sunshine coast

Flare Gas Plumbing Quality Service Guarantee

With 15 years of experience, our gas plumbers can be at your home 24/7.
In emergencies, such as a gas leak, they can get to you quickly, often within an hour of your call.
Contact Flare Gas Plumbing today if you need a professional to handle your gas installation.