Hot Water Service Installation Sunshine Coast

Hot water systems and installation on the  Sunshine Coast

Hot water services can be commercial, solar, electric, gas, tankless, and heat pump hot water systems.
Your hot water systems should deliver hot water when you need hot water.

When people call us for a new hot water service – it is either because their system has suddenly stopped working.
The dreaded cold shower when you wake up in the morning!
Or the hot water system you currently have is no longer coping with the hot water demands or your energy bills are sky rocketing!

You may have gone from 2 adults needing showers to 5 adults/teenagers needing showers each morning.
The extra showers means a bigger tank or extra power is needed. We can help you decide what system will work best for your needs and also plan for the future. If you have young children now – you will need more hot water as they get older.

If your hot water has stopped working or it is no longer coping with demand, you can rely on Flare Gas Plumbing to get your hot water sorted.

Flare Gas Plumbing

We are your trusted Gas Fitting And Hot Water Service Installation team on The Sunshine Coast.
We are the local accredited installers for Reclaim Heat Pumps

gas hot water

Gas Hot Water Systems Sunshine Coast

Instantaneous gas water heaters are one of the most reliable hot water systems, where the water is heated when needed, as opposed to an electric storage tank, which must keep the water warm all day and night.

A gas burner increases the water temperature as it travels through the unit. Thanks to natural gas as a fuel, you heat water at only a third of the price of electricity.
But when the gas ignition starts to flicker and the pilot flame goes out, or your hot water keeps fluctuating, you need a quick solution.

Flare Gas Plumbing has fully qualified gas fitters available for emergency repairs, general maintenance and technical installations.

Hot water systems repair and maintenance

Whether it’s a broken thermostat, a burst pipe, or even a gas leak, nothing is a problem.
We perform general maintenance or installation and replacements and repairs.
Flare Gas Plumbing offers a wide range of repair services for all hot water parts.

We can offer a temporary hot water service available in the event of emergency.

This will get you set up hot water straight away.
While giving you time to research the right hot water service to suit your needs and budget.
We can order the right system for your lifestyle and budget and then come and install it.

  • Repair, replace and install all hot water systems.
  • Flush an electric storage tank
  • Perform a carbon monoxide test or gas leak detection
  • Inspect parts such as the tempering valve, Mildred valve or pressure relief valves
  • Check the gas burner or electric heating element and replace it if necessary.
  • Thermostat testing, repair or replacement, if necessary
  • Replace damaged pipes, insulation or sacrificial anode

Electric Hot Water Systems Sunshine Coast – No Need To Call An Electrician!

Most Australians are familiar with electric hot water systems, They store a significant amount of water, some up to 400 litres, and provide a constant supply of steaming hot water.
This system is great for larger households with peak demand periods.
The low installation cost can be enticing. However, the high operating costs have become a major drawback over the years.

Flare Gas Plumbing can recommend the most energy-efficient electric hot water system available and install them. We are qualified to work with electric hot water services when it is the same style tank and in the same location. ( An electrician will be required if you need to relocate an electric hot water service).

When it comes to hot water system installation or maintenance, Flare Gas Plumbing offers expert advice. We’ll make sure you get the best hot water system for your lifestyle and budget.

solar hot water

Sunshine Coast Hot Water Systems – Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water systems use the sun’s energy and are undoubtedly the most efficient hot water system on the market.
Solar hot water systems have many benefits, such as lower carbon emissions and low operating costs.
After years of working with different brands recommend Apricus Solar Hot Water Services.
The other option for renewable energy hot water systems is the Reclaim systems. See the Reclaim page for more information

  • Very efficient in sunny climates
  • Maximizes potential output in cooler/covered climates
  • Low operating costs and favourable energy bills.
  • Uses renewable energy

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Don’t Put Up With Cold Showers Or Low Pressure Hot Water

Flare Gas Plumbing is your local hot water specialist for emergency repairs or routine maintenance, ready for anything.
Our plumbers have repaired countless hot water systems on the Sunshine Coast.
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